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Lightroom Classic is highly elastic. Its plug-in design enables third-party developers to create a huge assortment of plug-ins which let you add new features and capabilities to this already rich Lightroom Classic toolset. DNG Flat Field plugin A tool used to fix an optical phemonenom referred to as shading, also known as”lens cast.” This plugin is now built into Lightroom Classic. Watch Flat-Field Correction. DNG Recover Edge plug-in A tool utilized to regain image data typically lost when employing the in-camera harvest mode. Watch DNG Recover Edge plug-in. Develop presets allow you to quickly apply a specific look or editing style to your pictures, and they may be easily shared. Choose from thousands of unique looks created by programmers and other Lightroom Classic photographers. Watch more mature presets. These plug-ins enable you to use the Lightroom Classic export interface to automatically send images to specific online photo sharing sites, social networking sites such as Facebook, or other programs, allowing you instantly create a Gmail email with one of your photographs connected, for example. Explore export plug-ins. Export List [macOS, Win] Easily generate a comprehensive inventory of uploaded photos as soon as you export or publish out of Lightroom Classic. Export List supports multiple output formats, such as plain text, HTML, and CSV. HTML output supplies easily customizable grouping by any Lightroom Presets Pack hu metadata field. LR2/Gmail Use the export plug-in to email your images through your Gmail accounts, possibly as individual attachments or as one ZIP file. Metadata Wrangler This add-in for any export or publish service can strip/retain specific image metadata in images that are exported. It may be handy to protect privacy (by eliminating location and camera-serial data), hide the photo’s edit history, and decrease bandwidth requirements. LR/Enfuse LR/Enfuse gives a convenient interface on the open source Enfuse program, which offers excellent blending of multiple exposures of the same scene into a single last image. Just select the pictures that need mixing together and choose Blend Exposures Using LR/Enfuse from the File menu. Costco Photo Center [macOS, Win] Streamline the process of uploading photos from Lightroom Classic for your Costco Photo Center account. Easily manage your albums within Lightroom Classic. Crop for iPad This plug-in allows you to optimize graphics for display on an iPad or other apparatus with a fixed screen size. Snapshot on Export Use this add-in for any export, developing a picture of every picture’s develop configurations with each export so you can then revert to precisely the same settings. It is like a develop settings backup. LR/Mogrify 2 LR/Mogrify two is a post-process plugin that embellishes your images as they are exported. Add borders, watermarks, and text annotations

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