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Street photography has gained quite a bit of traction in the past several decades, no doubt in part because of the simplicity of accessibility that came with pictures going electronic. Nowadays you don’t need expensive gear and other equipment; you could begin with just your cellphone camera. While there’s a whole lot of noise out there online when it comes to street photography, the ease of access has also democratized the genre, meaning there are creatives setting out amazing work we may not have gotten to see differently. You could be one of them hopefully, these road photography tips for beginners will help provide you with the push you need to begin on this trip. 1) Put the Doritos down and eliminate the sofa This is mostly directed at my fellow Americans, but with the technology we have today, I’m sure people all around the world are living a increasingly more sedentary lifestyle. Our smartphones and computers make it the planet is at our hands. We could get lost from the endless Netflix queues and Facebook/Twitter/Instagram packs. While these matters connect and inform us, they may be an impediment for our collective and personal expansion when we let them consume too much of our time. Breaking habits is never an easy thing for anyone, but in the event of becoming more busy and using your time to shoot street The basics of street photography photography is extremely rewarding. It’s just like ripping a band-aid off; even if you have not been that active lately and you head out for the first time to take street photography and walk several miles, you’re likely to feel the burn off in the beginning. Once you start doing the protracted walking connected with doing street photography, however, you become accustomed to it and even crave it. After all, exercising and remaining busy have shown to really increase energy and productivity (and even make you happier and smarter). 2) Go where the action is at I feel the majority of road photographers find street photographs with people in them to be more interesting. With that being said, urban arenas have their location too. But if you would like to shoot street photography with individuals inside them, you make it a whole lot easier on yourself if you go to busy, downtown locations. Downtown town centers are where you’ll encounter the most significant number of individuals to put in your pictures. It’s not guaranteed by any means that you’ll take your Very Best street photographs in these areas, but it’s a good place to start Due to the Amount of people you’ll cross paths together and people in those areas generally pay you along with your camera less attention since it’s not as clear as to what you’re photographing

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